We don't care how big or small your company is

Many SaaS-solutions have a pricing model based on the number of users or the size of your company. We believe that such a pricing model is not transparent and fair for the CRM On Demand customer base. Some of our customers use On Demand Document to generate all company correspondence, other customers have only one department or even one user who wants to generate documents or e-mail. Our pricing model supports all types of customers.

We want to provide a simple, transparent and low cost solution

Our integrated solution is designed in such a way that businesses can start using it without assistance. We don't work with startup costs or monthly fees. When choosing for On Demand Document your company only pays for the situational correspondence that is actually generated. You can have as many templates as you like and have as many people working on them as you like.

Pay-per-use when generating correspondence

On Demand Document works with a prepaid credit-based system. You can buy your credits in advance and will be alerted when your account balance is getting low. Credits can be bought in quantities of 1.000 for €200. This means that generating a document costs as low as €0.20. With no additonal costs, no solution will give you better value for money.

Register an account and receive 300 credits to get started

When you sign-up for a trial account you receive 300 credits to experience the ease-of-use and superior integration for yourself. Signing up is easy by clicking the button on the right and get started in under an hour.